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Partner Program 

Webmasters can now partner with us and operate their own Premium submission system. This service is for those members that would like the opportunity to operate a high powered website offering the Internets most powerful commercial grade submission resources to the greater Internet Community.

To Qualify for the Full Partnership we are looking for those entrepreneurs, website owners, marketeers and the like who will be dedicated to promoting their new submission service! The average...yes average partner using our system is making $15,000.00 per month, after only 6 months of promoting their new service! We will do everything we can to help you succeed as well.

Our UltimateSubmission.com Full Partnership includes:
  1. Complete hosting of the UltimateSubmission.com system for you, which relieves you of the responsibility of the maintenance, bandwidth, and hosting costs. This also ensures your members receive the high speed uninterrupted service that they have grown accustomed to.
    Your submission service will be listed under YOUR domain name.
    Example: http://www.yoursubmissions.com

    Our name is NEVER displayed in ANY location on the system! This is YOUR business with our backing!! 100% automated!!
  2. Full co-branding of your Premium submission system to ensure congruency with your existing Website. You can choose from one of our templates, design your own site, or use your current website design to integrate the service into your current business

  1. You will have full access to the administrative control panel so that you control all aspects of the systems operation.
  2. All search engine database are 100% free for you. We do all the behind the scenes work and provide database updates 3 times per month, so your users always have the highest submission rates
  3. We will provide you complete technical support. You are in complete control of your site, you would simply send us your client's tech questions, we would answer YOU directly and then you can forward that answer on to your client. We will NEVER contact your clients EVER, unless you give us express written consent to do so.
  4. All features of the UltimateSubmission.com system are yours! Automatic Search Engine Submitter, Link Popularity Checker, Search Engine Ranking, Keyword Density Analyzer, Keyword Generator, Top Keywords, Link Checker, and the Doorway Page Generator!

The benefits to your business are as follows:
  1. Your business will benefit through unlimited exposure of your existing products and services to an ever-growing membership of Webmasters.
  2. Add an additional lucrative income stream. As administrator, you maintain the built in resources page on your Premium Submission Website, and it is up to you to decide what products and services you advertise in this heavy traffic area of your partner Website.

As administrator of your own Premium Submission System, it becomes your Website and your business. You can benefit from multiple income streams from the successful operation of your Premium submission system, firstly through membership of those users that join your paid membership, and secondly through the advertising revenues that this program creates.

As the administrator of your own UltimateSubmission.com Premium submission system you will receive 70% of the total revenue generated by your site this includes revenue generated by memberships. PLUS earn 10% recurring commissions on sales that they make!!

Note: If you use your own payment processor you receive 70% of all sales. If you use the system payment processor you receive 60% of all sales made through your partner site, less a $50.00 setup fee on partner site sales.

For the complete UltimateSubmission.com System, the cost is: $249.00 This includes set up, installation, all updates are free, and there are no hosting charges.


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